Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chocolate Kisses

Happy World Nutella Day!!! 

I just whipped up a batch of chocolate kisses and I may have found my new favorite go-to treat. 

These are super simple and quick. I found this recipe in a Nutella cookbook that I bought years ago. After the first batch I took a minute or two off the baking time and they came out better but it's all up to you and your oven. 


Baci al cioccolato (Chocolate kisses)

120 g sugar
15g cocoa powder 
100g flour
3 eggs


powdered  sugar 

Beat the eggs and sugar until well mixed. Add the flour and cocoa. 

Line cookie sheet with parchment paper a drop small spoonful of batter. (they will spread a lot)

Bake at 190c/375f for 8-10 minutes. 
Let cool. Take cookie and spread a spoonful of Nutella top with a second cookie. Place on a plate and sprinkle powdered sugar. 

I may not blog much.. but I'm all over Instagram! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Snack time: Monkey milk

Living in Italy has taught me alot. One thing I learned is that if you do snack time  "right", it WILL NOT ruin your kids appetite for dinner. 

I say "right" because Italians (at least mine) believe in having a good, healthy and sometimes a sweet snack. 

I found a Nutella banana shake on pinterest and while it looked good, I knew I had to tweak it. My girls don't care for yogurt based smoothies and forget about Almond milk... it's so expensive! 

I don't measure ingredients so you'll just have to do that yourself! 

ps..The girls decided to call it Monkey milk. 


2 bananas
2 heaping spoons of Nutella

Blend (in blender of course) and enjoy!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

On the menu: Sunday lunch

Sundays are the days that I try to go easy unless it's a holiday. Since we have 3hr church services, I don't want to spend longer than I have to preparing for food.

Today we had Spinacine and veggies. I love Spinacine because I buy it already prepared. Just heat and serve. It's a breaded chicken patty with spinach. It's delicious and my girls love it.  I chose zucchini and carrots since they're quick to cook. 

On the menu: Dinner for June 26

Today we had a few errands to do so we had already planned to order pizza for dinner. 

This is a rare occasion as eating out can add up. The good thing is that a basic pizza can cost you only 5€! {obviously, it depends on location and what kind of pizzeria it is}

In Italy, pizza is NOT shared like back home. Everyone has their own and it's about the size of a medium pizza. The trick to eating it al... skip the crust. 

The girls shared a Pizza Margherita {cheese pizza) while Carlo and I opted lighter versions. We love pizza with fresh cherry tomatoes and arugula. It's a great option during the summer. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

On the menu: Lunch for June 26, 2014

In an effort to blog more, I've decided to try and post via mobile. Let's see how this goes: 

These last few weeks I've seen several posts on FB from parents who are stuck for food ideas. Now I'm no guru, expert, or chef but I think that some of our meals might inspire someone else. 

This is also intended to prove a bit of a point. You can still eat good, real food and be healthy and lose weight. Hopefully I'll be be able to elaborate on that in a future post soon.

Today's lunch: Insalata di pasta (pasta salad)

My girls not only cleaned their bowls but asked for 3rds! It's super easy to make and good. 

Cubed ham
Parmesan cheese (the real stuff)
Olive Oil